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Trinity Partners Group("TPG") is a management consulting firm registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. TPG comprises of a team of strategic planning and investment experts, who focuses on cross-border business expansion and leads value-creation projects. 


We help create customer value.

We design the customer's value chain.

We transform the customer's system for operational excellence.

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Management: It is an important leadership that defines and measures the nature of customer value.

Trustworthiness: An honest business enhances new capital.

Sustainability: A sustainable system increases the disposable income of businesses, customers, and governments.

Founding Background

Many start-ups take off rapidly when they first debut, and bottlenecks creep in soon after. Additional investment doesn't bring in more profit, and stagnation blocks the way further up. High-value clients begin to slip away to competitors, while interdepartmental power games start to arise and mess up the business operations' priorities.


As a CEO, after setting up your company painstakingly from scratch through sweat and toil, you only find more challenges inside outlying ahead, compounded by limited knowledge and expertise, complex operation procedures, ever fierce competition, and more. What actions you take next will decide if your company will drive back in the fast lane.

The founding partners of Trinity Partners Group have witnessed these crises for over 20 years to many executives. We have worked as strategic planning managers, operations managers, or professional consultants across multiple industries. After observing diverse leadership models and decision-making processes over the years, we've discovered, developed, and verified the success of the "3 primary pillars theory" which consists of strategy, operating, and financing, as they're essential for corporate decision-making. This theory leads to an integrated system, which is the perfect solution to many SMEs' ever-growing pains.


Trinity Partners Group aims to facilitate any SME becoming the best version of themselves along the way.