Consulting Framework

Trinity Theory

Three Stages of Value Structure.

We define the identity and scope of the three functional expertise and design decision making methods following each responsibility & role.

We run the organization to create the first cash flow. Although the company still has a low market share and cannot jump the BEP, it continues to experience a cash-burning stage, finally increasing its revenue to reduce the deficit until the period of net cash flow.

Stage 1. "Origination"

Stage 2. "Growth"

Stage 3. "Expansion"

We steadily secure working capital and investments after exceeding the breakeven point and expanding the amount of net cash flow. CFO now needs to decide on the next investments with CSO and discuss details to optimize the level of inventory to produce with COO.

The TPG's value-creation framework has 14 consulting programs covered on the three pillars (Strategy, Operating, and Financing) and the 3 intersections (Business Unit, Working Capital, and Investment).


Value Chain Consulting

Strategic Planning

Global Market Research


Global Digital Marketing

Typography Branding

Overseas COO Service

COO + CFO = Working Capital

Cash Flow Management

CSO + CFO = Investment

Commercial Due Diligence

Fund Marketing

Corporate Venturing

CSO + COO = Business Unit

Brand Strategy

Brand Experience Construction


Valuation Consulting

CFO Support Service

Trinity Consulting Framework.