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There were 3 economic booms during the past 70 years in East Asia, Japan in the 1970s, Korea in the 1980s, and China in the 1990s. During that time, many SMEs worked behind the business tycoons as the true backbone of the society in manufacturing, trade, and applied technologies, which contributed to the high velocity and speed of economic growth.

Since the 2000s, however, they have been facing major challenges of operational inefficiencies, conflicts across departments, and extra expertise beyond CEOs’ capabilities. 

Lowering Operational Efficiency.


The strategy leader is the ‘Architect’ who designs a profitable business model.

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The operating leader is the ‘Driver’ who is responsible for and running the business units.


The financing leader is the ‘Growth Hormone’ that diagnoses the business condition and allocate funds.

To solve these problems, Trinity Partners Group provides a ‘value-creation’ solution for all SMEs experiencing the growing pains. It is called the 3 primary pillars theory, which is composed of strategy, operating, and financing. We define their main roles functioning as an architect, a driver, and a growth hormone of a company. Each has its unique responsibilities and authority but must work together as one team. Thus, we consider the ‘Three In One’ a well-balanced system that helps maximize operational efficiency. 

Solution - The Three Pillars.

12 Unbalanced Models.

Shackled Prisoner

Being too obsessed with strategy, you are interfering with decisions made by finance and operations teams. Your organization is like 'Shackled Prisoners.' So, your people can't go anywhere.

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In reality, the three pillars in many SMEs seem to have diverse sizes in each pillar. After working with 82 companies, TPG has observed various shapes of the pillars and classified them into the top 12 models. For example, CSO has more power in the decision-making process than COO and CFO have in a company, therefore the company can’t make any decisions in urgent matters. Discovering similarly unbalanced empowerment in other types too, we concluded that the imbalance of the three can lead to a company’s operational risk.


COO ignores the strategic direction of the company and quickly takes over the teams to build a mafia organization. You who win all the power games are called 'The Godfather.'

Penny Pincher

Your leadership, where the CFO doesn't believe in the company's vision and ability and keeps tapping on the calculator, is 'Penny Pincher.'

Mad Max

COO and CFO running out of direction are enjoying wild driving in luxury sports cars. But in reality, your organization is now taking a 'Mad Max' car.

Big Brother Eyes

Your COO is under severe surveillance, operating the company with limited resources and discretions. 'Big Brother Eyes' is always watching.


Your financial officer, as directed by the CSO and COO, is at an accounting level. Your company is a 'Dwarf' whose growth has stopped.

Among the 12 models, the six below are more extreme cases and one or two of the three pillars are missing. TPG diagnose these incomplete models and clarify the scope of each pillar so that the whole trinity can be formed.

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A Babe In The Woods

Leaders who do not grow anymore with the capital they have accumulated so far. It is 'a babe in the woods' that doesn't go out to a new market, considering itself the best.


Your organization has no strategy and runs businesses on a random basis. There's not much money left, but you're still part of the market as a 'gambler.'


Those of you who do not believe in the operators will continue to put off making no-decision. You, like 'Cowards,' waste time without trying it out.

Procrustes' Bed

Your smart strategy is just an old textbook cliche that doesn't fit into reality. However, you are so confident that you are asking for action. Isn't that what your organization sells is 'Procrustes' Bed'?

Don Quixote

You do not have direction and performance management. You are the 'Don Quixote' who only pursues what you see before your eyes without a clear distinction between vision and reality.

Juice Dealer

You think the current outlook for company growth is dark. In your eyes, you may not even like all the operations you're running. The second job you can choose as a financial officer while reducing operational risks is the 'Juice Dealer.'